Welcome to Med Qiao Group LLC, a healthcare market investor as well as a unique medical-business strategic consulting firm dedicated to bridging between East and West healthcare worlds. Rapidly modernizing Asia with a population of 1.3 billion has a great demand for better health care products and services and creates tremendous opportunities for business expansion. United States with a large number of high-tech companies and huge healthcare market attracts Asia companies to come.

The Asia-US Healthcare Market

With almost a quarter of the world's population, Asia and US are the biggest healthcare markets in the world. Asia as a fast growing economy is driving this market boom. US companies could also benefit from the trend.

Just imagine 1.3 billion individuals are paying more attention to improve health and are spending more to improve their quality of life!

The opportunities are tremendous and we can help you grasp them!

What Med Qiao is Doing

With Med Qiao's international team of experts, years' experiences in medical field and rich business background, Med Qiao has already become an active and well-known player on the stage of healthcare-related investment world in both Asia and US.

Med Qiao also provides excellent strategic consulting services for big medical giants as well as medium-small-size startups including market analysis, intellectual property protection, clinical trial arrangement, product approval application, Asia branch or division establishment as well as marketing, promotion, distribution, due diligence and onsite manufacturing of medical products. In Asia, Med Qiao offers advisory service to Asia top investors as well as local medical product & service companies.

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